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iFeeder is a registered trademark of Guangzhou Baiyi Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. Founded in 2013, iFeader is one of the world’s leading intelligent pagination printing solutions manufacturers. Using modern technology and advanced production equipment, we specialize in the design, development, manufacture, sales, and after-sales technical support of pagination machines, which can cope with tough technical requirements, making us the perfect choice for pagination printing solutions across various industries.

Our engineers are committed to pushing the boundaries of intelligent pagination printing equipment and seeking solutions to the challenges faced in the industry. Our robust research and development capabilities enable us to address the issues encountered in various areas of paging printing, enabling enterprises to reduce labor costs and improve work efficiency.

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Corporate Culture

“Professionalism, innovation, quality, service” is the philosophy of the enterprise to adhere to. iFeeder will use its own professional knowledge and industry experience to provide customers with continuous optimisation of the solution, to create high-quality equipment, better than the peer service capabilities.” Open cooperation, win-win future”, the company adhere to the service as the core, integrity as the cornerstone of the purpose, and strive to become your ideal partner.

Founder of Baiyi

Leading Development with Innovation

Our products are based on the founder of Mr. Zhong to write the program, in coordination and stability of the industry is far ahead; we can modify and increase the coding for the customer’s needs, can be developed and upgraded to the system, and with the customer continuous communication and feedback to optimise the technology;

Quality is Essential to Our Success

In the past operating time, we continue to optimise the product of raw materials, accessories selection; through the accumulation of continuous customer feedback, we optimise the parameters of the motor to achieve the best results, we use stainless steel, processing precision with the product so that each machine is stable and durable coordination;

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