Medicine Industry

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Medicine Industry

The development of the global medical industry is becoming more and more mature, with higher requirements for production efficiency and quality, while pharmaceutical companies need to deal with a large number of pill boxes and manuals and other paged printing work during the production process. iFeeder’s intelligent equipment solutions can efficiently perform paged processing, significantly improving production efficiency and accuracy to meet the needs of users.

How iFeeder's Paging Machine Solution Benefits the Medicine Industry?


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The paging machine operates gently and ensures that every package is intact.

Avoiding problems such as damaged or contaminated packages due to improper manual handling.

Ensures the integrity and aesthetics of the medication.


Improvement of production efficiency

iFeeder’s patented retension detection quickly and accurately separates stacks of pharmaceutical packaging or related materials into individual sheets automatically.

Reduces the tedious and time-consuming manual paging and reduces possible errors due to manual operations.

Automated operations not only speed up production, thereby increasing the efficiency of the entire production line.


Enhancement of traceability

The production date and batch number of pharmaceuticals can be easily recorded through the cooperation of the paging machine and the inkjet printer or laser machine.

Help pharmaceutical companies to strengthen quality control and risk management.

Automated operation of the paging machine reduces the need for manual intervention and lowers labor costs.

Why Advertising &Printing Industry
Choose iFeeder's Paging Machine Solutions

We can see from these four aspects


During the medicine packaging process, the paging machine is able to quickly separate the boxes, instructions and labels of medicines to ensure that each medicine has complete packaging and correct instruction information.


Separators are capable of handling labels and instructions in a wide range of materials and sizes, especially for medicine production where large quantities of labels and instructions are required, ensuring that they are accurately and quickly separated and transported to the appropriate location.


Customized docking enterprise existing production line digital system, to facilitate the whole process of enterprise digital intelligent management.


Used in conjunction with a coding machine or laser machine, the paging machine can be used to conveniently spray information such as production date and batch number on medicine packages to ensure the safety and compliance of medicines.

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