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iFeeder is the solution expert in the field of cross-platform coordinated rewinding machine, focusing on providing customers with non-standard custom rewinder machine, including tabletop rewinder, label rewinder machine, stretch film rewinder, printer rewinder, etc.

We have nearly 100 certifications such as patents, trademarks, CE, and have become a leading high-tech enterprise in the industry. We offer rewinding solutions and integrated applications of coding, marking, and labeling as your specific needs. Our services ensure more efficient, accurate, and stable rewinding for various industries. iFeeder is your reliable partner for developing a productivity-enhancing rewinder cross-platform coordinated application solution.

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Stretch Film Printer Rewinder Machine

Model: IF-RW500ST- 500-UV

According to the requirements of the structure and characteristic differences of various rolls of film and labels, intelligent control is truly realized.

Suitable for: paper, labels, ordinary plastic bags, and other packaging products to complete the UV printing; can also be required to support the CIJ (small character), TIJ (high resolution), and other inkjet printers, aircraft labeling machine, etc.

iFeeder rewinder machine

Automatic Label Tabletop Rewinder

PLC and touchscreen control provide precise operation control. The compact structure is well-suited to applications in confined spaces.

Suitable for: paper, labels, ordinary plastic bags, and other packaging products to complete the UV printing; can also be required to support the CIJ (small characters), TIJ (high resolution), and other inkjet printers, plane labeling machine, etc.

rewinder machine

Custom Paper PE Rewinding Printer Batch Coding Machine

Our paper rewinder machine has been developed and produced with the specific characteristics of thermal transfer printing and coding, equipped with a TTO printing roller and printer mounting bracket. The touch screen controls the working parameters and monitors the working status, providing alarm reminders according to various rolls of film and labels rewinder machine.
Suitable for: paper, labels, ordinary plastic bags, and other packaging products to complete the UV printing; can also be required to support the CIJ (small characters), TIJ (high resolution), and other inkjet printers, plane labeling machine, etc.


What does a Rewind Machine Do?

Product Features

We constantly explore market needs and endeavour to solve problems for our customers.


Fast and Slow Lift Function

This function allows the operator to adjust the lifting speed and position of the rewinding material with flexibility.


Real-time Counting Function

Rewinders are able to count the number of completed rolls of material in real time, which is very helpful for production planning, progress tracking, and inventory management.


Anti-unwinding Design

Prevents problems such as loosening, scattering or deformation of material rolls during processing or transport and ensures stability on the rewinder.


High-quality Body Material

We use high quality materials for the body, such as Standard carbon steel baking paint or optional stainless steel.


User-friendly Design

Our products can monitor working status and provide alarms. They can be easily configured to suit your requirements.


Intelligent Control

The man-machine interface uses a 7″ color touch screen, PLC and microcomputer control. It is configured according to the structure and characteristics of different rewinding materials with different requirements to achieve intelligent control.

rewinder machine deviation correction system

1. Deviation Correction System

iFeeder’s Rewinder Machine Deflection Correction System is an advanced system specifically designed to accurately control material deflection during the rewind process. The system uses advanced sensors and algorithms to monitor the position and deflection of the material in real time and quickly corrects the deflection with a precise adjustment mechanism.

2. Unwinding and Winding Tension

iFeeder’s rewinder control systems adopted advanced tension control algorithms and sensor technology to achieve highly accurate linear unwind and rewind tension control. This ensures roll flatness, prevents material stretching or compression, and provides optimal winding results.

rewinder machine tension
rewinder machine automated production line

3. Linkage Third-party Equipment Combination Automated Production Line

iFeeder integrates equipment from various manufacturers using its proprietary technology to create a cohesive and efficient automated production system for rewinding, printing, coding, labeling, and sealing, etc.

Applicable Materials

BOPP, CPP, PET, PE, paper, composite film, aluminized film and other rolled materials

Rewinder Machine Solution Application Videos

We continue to amaze our customers with our unparalleled quality.

Film Rewinding Application Videos

Paper Rewinding Application Videos

Label Rewinding Application Videos

Our Successful Projects

Optional Expanded Configuration

iFeeder has a technological advantage and offers customer-centred, customized solutions to address problems in various industries based on their requirements.

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High Temperature Drying Function

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FAQ About Rewinding Machine

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What is the speed of rewinding machine?

iFeeder’s rewinder operates at speeds of 60-100 metres per minute and supports a real-time rewinder speed display with adjustable speeds.

What are the different types of winding machines?

iFeeder has both tabletop and horizontal rewinding machines and can be customised to look and function as you wish.

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