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iFeeder has over 10 years of manufacturing experience in card feeders, with the development of friction feeders and vacuum feeders. We have a strong technical team to develop customized card feeders for you, helping you quickly solve card feeding problems and integrating them into various production lines. Now, we provide customized card feeder solutions for you.

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ifeeder direct feeding card feeder machine for sale

iFeeder Simple Operation Direct Feeding Card Feeder Machine for Sale

Direct card feeders mechanically push cards directly into the printing or converting machine.

support customization 120m/min automatic friction card feeder

Support Customization 120m/min Automatic Friction Card Feeder

Faster card feed for efficient production, suitable for cards of all thicknesses and materials, including soft and thin cards.


What are Card Feeders?

Benefits from iFeeder Card Feeder

iFeeder will endeavour to provide the best possible experience for our customers.


Precision and Stability

iFeeder’s patented card-feeding technology with up to 98% stability.


Adjustable Card Stacking Port

Based on the size of the card, our card feeder can be flexibly adjusted with a simple operation.


User Friendly Functions

Our card feeders have an alarm function to alert the operator to add material when no card is available.


Long Term Technical Support

We are confident in the card feeder’s technology and maintain long-term technical support for our customers, guaranteeing no worries.


Convenient Installation

The card feeder is compact and lightweight and does not require complicated tools to install.


Direct Factory Price

iFeeder is the manufacturer of card feeders, offering you the best competitive price. Reject third-party premiums.

double card overlap detection

1. Double Card Overlap Detection

Our card feeder is equipped with a self-developed double card overlap detection function, which can automatically detect and reject double cards that have been misdirected, reducing manual intervention and greatly improving production efficiency.

2. Integration with Other Equipment

Our card feeders have fully open communication ports for stand-alone control or cross-application co-ordination, and can be integrated into a production line for more automated production purposes.

integration with other equipment
efficient completion of card feeds

3. Efficient Completion of Card Feeds

Our high-performance motors support speed adjustments from 0-120m/min and require no downtime to add cards.

Some Application Videos

iFeeder has successfully helped many enterprises to complete card feeds efficiently, stably and accurately.

Multiple Different Card Feeds Solution

Card Feeding Test

High-speed Card Feeding Test

Our Successful Projects

Optional Expanded Configuration

The card feeder integration of iFeeder coordinates different equipment systems to accomplish better automated production lines.

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FAQ About Card Feeder

Table of Contents

What are the three types of card feeders?

They are generally divided into Direct card feeders, friction card feeders, and vacuum card feeders.
1. Direct card feeders mechanically push the card directly into the process. They are suitable for cards with low requirements, uniform thickness, and hard materials. For example, ordinary plastic cards or cardboard cards.

2. Friction card feeders use friction wheels or friction belts to separate cards from the feed pile and transfer them to the machine. It is suitable for various types and materials of cards, especially used in high-speed production lines. Such as credit cards, membership cards, etc.

3. Vacuum card feeders attach and transfer cards to the machine through a vacuum attachment device. It is suitable for cards that need high precision and surface protection, such as smart cards, RFID cards, etc.

Are you having trouble with card feeds, contact an iFeeder expert to solve it for you!

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