Food Industry

Suitable for Any Material and Size

Applications for the iFeeder solution in the food industry include packaging, labelling, cards for bread, biscuits, chocolates, flavoured packets and more. It works with any material and any size. Contact us to improve productivity and quality for your business.

What are the Usual Applications

Paging printing solutions in the food industry are available in a wide variety of application materials and packaging types, which can be flexibly selected and applied according to different needs and scenarios.

1. Paper Packaging & Labels

Commonly used in the packaging of bread, biscuits, candy and other food products. The pagination printing solution can print product name, production date, shelf life, product information and brand logo and so on on the paper bags. There are also applications for some small labels affixed to food packaging for labelling product name, ingredients, production date and other detailed information.

2. Plastic Packaging

Chips, jellies, beverages, sauces and other food products using self-sealing bags, nozzle bags, film bags, zip bags, and other plastic packaging, through the use of our solutions, you can achieve stability, no jamming, accurate printing date of production, bar codes, security codes and so on.

3. Metal Packaging & Labels

Some food products such as coffee, tea, biscuits, egg rolls, etc. are packaged in metal. iFeeder’s solution can print hard-wearing, long-lasting, and accurate logos, barcodes, QR codes, production dates, etc. on metal.

4. Other Packaging

Some speciality foods may be wrapped in fabric, some ready-to-eat or frozen foods may be wrapped in film, and iFeeder’s solutions can help companies to page and print each message with high quality and precision.

More Benefit for Food Industry


Automation and Intelligence

Compared to traditional manual or semi-automatic methods, the Intelligent Pagination Printing Solution enables precise control and adjustment of print positions and parameters, improving print accuracy and efficiency.


Improved Print Quality

Our solution applies its own developed control system, which can realise the precise adjustment of parameters such as pagination printing speed to ensure clear and accurate pagination printing, which requires higher precision of the equipment.


Highly Adaptable

iFeeder’s Intelligent pagination printing solutions can be flexibly adapted to different product, packaging and labelling requirements, adapting to different materials and shapes.


Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs

Intelligent paging printing reduces labour input through automation and intelligent operation, while the high accuracy of the printing process reduces the generation of defective products and consumables.


Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

iFeeder’s paging printing solutions typically use environmentally friendly printing inks, while automated pagination printing reduces the waste and errors of manual operations and lowers energy consumption.

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