R&D Strength

Technological innovation is the driving force of iFeeder’s sustainable development.

Technology R&D Leads to Transformation of Multifunctional Intelligent Paging Printing

Team Technology Exploration

Technical origin of the founder led an experienced R & D team, constantly understanding the global market demand and tracking research and development of the latest paging printing technology.

 we have nearly one hundred patents, trademarks, CE certification, and copyrights, has become the paging printing industry leading high-tech enterprises, and in 2022 we broke through the difficult problem of the paging machine in “high static electricity, super soft, ultra-thin” and other cases.

Continuous Optimisation & Upgrading

Our R&D work is not only limited to the initial development of the product, but also focuses on the continuous optimisation and upgrading of the product.

*Collect customer feedback to improve and increase the functionality of the programme.

*We can remotely update the system with new requirements from customers.

*We can be integrated with all major industries and have high coordination.

*With cloud-based technology

Owned Cloud Technology

Based on our own development capabilities, we use cloud technology and cloud protocols to deal with lottery cards, redemption numbers, key codes, consumer cards, etc. that require unique numbers, QR codes exclusive labels, etc., which are not available to our competitors.

Excellent Product Performance

According to the survey, most of the paging machines in the industry will have overlapping and continuous sheets, crooked, jamming, and other failures, the failure rate of 20-30%. Our paging printing solution in speed, accuracy, and stability is better than peers, the failure rate is only 2%. At the same time visual inspection technology, our camera can do 180m/minute high-definition shooting, intelligent identification, detection of the position, and so on.

iFeeder Brings Ideal Solutions

We have solved the common problems of the existing pagination printing integrated equipment and breakthrough technology to help customers solve the problems that may be added in the future, compared to competitors, we are more integrated and coordinated with the major industries.

Features of Our Solution:

1. Technical Support

We provide technical support to our customers and have an online real-time response rate of 99%.

2. High Coordination

Our integrated equipment platforms are better coordinated with major industries.

3. Considerate after-sales Service

We will regularly return to customers to understand the use of the situation, and for customers to answer and optimise the program.

4. Increased Efficiency

You can reduce a lot of labor and at the same time increase production significantly.

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