Get to Know Our Founder

iFeeder’s leadership team is made up of professionals in the field of pagination printing solutions. With their “Professionalism, Innovation, Integrity and Service”, they work together with their staff to be the ideal partner for their customers.


 “Technological innovation is the long-term solution for iFeeder’s sustainable development.”

I graduated from the algorithmic programming major, before founding the company, I have accumulated many years of experience in the field of algorithmic programming, so that I deeply understand the power of technology.

Early paging printing solution technology is still immature, and inspired me to explore and research on paging printing technology, and decided to devote myself to the application of paging printing solution field, hoping to bring innovative changes to the industry.

As the founder, I lead a group of excellent team and often warn them of the importance of technological innovation for the development of the company. In the future, we will continue to provide solutions to the current needs of our customers as well as think about new needs that may arise in the future for technological innovation, while hoping to integrate the major industries, common development.


“Strive for customer satisfaction without forgetting the original intention”

Having worked in the financial industry and participated in the development of domestic credit card installment systems, Mark has accumulated rich service experience and is good at the integration of internal and external resources and teamwork.

He focuses on teamwork and communication to stimulate team enthusiasm and creativity, he is good at listening to employees and customers, focusing on cultivating staff loyalty and a sense of belonging, has led the team to become a leading high-tech enterprise in the paging industry and won the title of “Guangzhou Science and Technology Giant Enterprises”.

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