Automatic Paper Feeder

They handle various paper sizes and types, ensuring a continuous, smooth paper supply, and making it ideal for your productivity.

paper feeder machine

Custom Paper Feeder Machine Manufacturer

iFeeder is a professional customized paper feeder manufacturer to provides efficient and stable paper feeding solutions for a variety of industries. We can design and manufacture customized paper friction feeders based on our customer’s unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit for your equipment and integration into your production process. Talk to iFeeder about improving your business.

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wholesale price customization auto friction paper sheet feeder

Wholesale Price Customization Auto Friction Paper Sheet Feeder

It is equipped with a paper jam and no paper reminder function, and the running speed is controllable and supports on-demand customization.

factory custom speed 120m/min efficient stable paper feeder

Factory Custom Speed 120m/min Efficient Stable Paper Feeder

Paper position correction function and adjustable running speed, support for expansion modules.


What is a Paper Feeder?

Benefits from iFeeder Paper Feeder

Meeting the paper supply needs of the enterprise’s production.


High-speed Operation

Our paper feeder belts can be set to run at speeds of up to 120m/min, making the paper feed efficient.


High Stability

Our paper feeders use our world-leading feeding technology, which is highly stable, effectively avoiding problems such as paper jams and paper loss, and guaranteeing a smooth and unobstructed paper supply process.


Factory Direct Sales

We are an original equipment manufacturer offering reasonable factory prices and rejecting middlemen.


Operational Simplicity

iFeeder’s paper feeder is controlled by a touch screen and PLC, the equipment is easy to set up and adjust, and operators can be easily operated.


Long-term Durability

We use durable and adaptable aluminum materials and 201 stainless steel designs, which are suitable for long-term use and have high durability.


After-sales Service and Support

We provide timely and effective after-sales service and long-term technical support to ensure that your equipment always runs well. Solve your worries.

accurate paper feeding

1. Accurate Paper Feeding

We use our feeding patents, configure sensors and paper position correction functions, and have an anti-jam design to ensure that each piece of paper is accurately and non-overlapping feed into other processes.

2. Compatible Paper Types and Integration

The paper feeder can handle various paper sizes and materials, including standard paper, glossy paper, labels, and more. And it can be integrated into production lines with various printers and labelling machines, etc.

paper feeder integration(1)
paperless and jam alert function

3. Paperless and Jam Alert Function

iFeeder’s paper feeder is configured with a user-friendly paperless reminder function that doesn’t require human monitoring, as well as a paper jam reminder function that enables companies to detect and deal with it on time.

Wide Range of Application Industries

Our paper feeders are of great importance in different fields and fulfill the efficient requirements of paper feed in various industries. For example, handling paper packaging and labeling paper feeds, handling paper feeds for the printing industry, handling paper-based manual feeds for electronic products, etc.

Some Application Videos

iFeeder will endeavor to serve its customers and strive for their satisfaction.

Vacuum Paper Feeding Solution

1000mm Width Paper Feeding Solution

High-peed Paper Feeding Solutions

Optional Expanded Configuration for DIY Paper Feeder

Our self-developed control system is integrated and can be combined with other third-party equipment to form a multi-functional production line to improve enterprise production efficiency.

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FAQ About Paper Feeder

Table of Contents

How does a paper feeder work?

The paper feeder places a stack of paper into the feeder and uses friction rollers or a pick-up device to grab and lift the top sheet, passing it through the separation pad to ensure that only one sheet is fed at a time. The paper is then conveyed to other processing processes. The paper feeder achieves fast and accurate paper separation and processing and is widely used in the printing, bookbinding, and packaging industries, etc.

What are the different types of paper feeders?

There are two types of paper feeders, friction feeders and vacuum feeders:

1. Friction feeders use friction to separate paper from the stack and feed it into the production line.
2. Vacuum feeders use suction to lift paper from the stack. The paper is sucked up by vacuum suction cups and fed into the production line.

Each type of paper feeder has advantages and applications, and choosing the right one can significantly improve efficiency and processing quality.

What is a paper feeder used for?

The purpose of the paper feeder is mainly to automatically feed piles of paper from the feeder into other workflows one sheet at a time individually in the production process of printing, labelling, packaging, etc., to be able to complete the paper supply more efficiently.

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