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Since 2010, iFeeder has been exploring paging printing technology for various materials for many years, embedded with effective artificial intelligence, contributing more efficient, accurate, and stable wisdom to different industries.

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Who We Are

Intelligent Paging Printing System Professional Service Provider and Manufacturer

Our company was founded in 2010 and established in 2013.  It is an automation equipment company specializing in the design, development, manufacturing, sales, and after-sales technical support of pagers (paging systems). We have trademarks, CE certifications, copyrights, and nearly 100 patents.  Through continuous persistence and hard work, we have become a leading high-tech enterprise in the field of pagers.

Over the years, our company has been exploring the pagination technology of various materials, and is committed to finding the ideal solution for post-press processing in industries such as printing, pharmaceuticals, food, and daily necessities.

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Application in a Wide Range of Industries

Our products have the flexibility to be combined to form multiple station systems.

package / paper / box / date of manufacture / bar code / pattern ……

Innovation as Sustainability

Innovation is one of the concepts that iFeeder adheres to, we have a group of professional R&D technical teams, with deep experience in control systems, coordination between products, cross-platform technology, etc. In addition, we have more than 100 patents, trademarks, and independent intellectual property rights, we firmly believe that technological innovation is the driving force behind the sustainable development of iFeeder.

Quality We Have Always Done

Quality is one of iFeeder’s core philosophies. We repeatedly test raw materials, accessories, and third-party equipment to ensure that they comply with international standards, and our technicians test the stability of our product portfolio many times in simulated real-world application environments to ensure that production is consistently stable and coordinated with precision when our customers use our products.

Advantages of Working with iFeeder

Installation Guide

We understand the importance of product installation instructions and provide not only illustrated step-by-step instructions, but also video tutorials and remote assistance support.

Technical Support

Our technical support team has a wealth of experience and expertise, and can quickly solve your technical problems encountered in the process of using the product.

Support Customisation

We support on-demand customisation, can be cross-platform, cross-system with the combination, to improve the production effect of the enterprise.

Optimisation Of Workstations

A multifunctional automated machine that reduces the number of simple and repetitive work stations and reduces labour costs.

Promoting Production Intelligence

We believe that our intelligent equipment can help you to promote production intelligence and reduce more redundant manual operation of the assembly line.

Successful Cases

Through our efforts, we continuously solve existing and future new problems for our customers

Paper Vacuum Suction Cup Feeding & Feeding Laminating & Labelling Systems
The requirements for independent products are becoming more and more stringent, the market even requires that each product must be equipped with a certificate of conformity or instruction manual, and the label industry for manual manually puts a sheet on the position of the material precision is also gradually strict.
Carton Laser Printing Vision Inspection Feeder
In the market in addition to a variety of bags, packaging film, and cardboard boxes are often used by manufacturers of packaging materials; for example, we often eat pizza, and pizza boxes after digital printing in the market use. This product, which can be used for bag printing, can also be used for printing the box.
Medicine Product Cases-Feeder Inkjet Printing Inspection Counting Collection System
With the growth of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the choice of storage materials for pharmaceuticals has become more diversified; in the face of pneumonia infection in 21 years, the medical and pharmaceutical industry almost all day system for the output of the rescue operation and the provision of drugs for everyone; manpower is not only costly but also received health impacts resulting in unstable working hours, we received the request of the pharmaceutical industry, to help the industry to improve and stabilize the efficiency of the case of We were asked by the pharmaceutical industry to help the industry increase and stabilize efficiency while minimizing labour and sharing the workforce.

Trusted by Our Partners

iFeeder adheres to the principle of service as the core and integrity as thecornerstone and strives to be yourideal partner.

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