Household Products Industry

Household Products Industry

In the household products industry, a customized paging machine solution allows for highly automated and efficient operations. On the one hand, this improves the accuracy of the packaging and labeling of household goods, and on the other hand, it ensures product quality and safety. This provides strong support for the development of the Household Goods sector. Below are the main applications and roles of paging machine for household goods.

Benefits of Paging Machine in the Household Products Industry


The paging machine can quickly paging piles of household goods materials, reduce the time of manual operation, so that the materials (such as labels, cards, film bags, etc.) separate and orderly for the next process. Greatly improve the overall production efficiency.


Unlike manual sorting, the paging machine can accurately control the number and order of pages, which helps to ensure the consistency and accuracy of material sorting for each household product, avoiding errors caused by improper manual operation and ensuring product quality.

Automation of the paging machine reduces the need for human intervention, which not only reduces errors caused by human error, but also reduces labor costs. The accuracy of the pager also reduces scrap and rework rates, further reducing production costs.


The solution of pagination machine is advocated to use with coding machine and laser machine, etc., so that the date, batch number, anti-counterfeiting marking and other printing work of bags and cartons are more convenient, and the accuracy and clarity of the marking is improved.


Discover the application of paging machine in the household products industry

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Paper Packaging

For example, manuals, warranty cards, boxes and other paper packaging materials, paging printing solutions can print product names, specifications, barcodes, QR codes and other information on these materials, faster than traditional manual methods.

home plastic packaging

Plastic Packaging

Some consumer electronics products are packaged in plastic, e.g. charging plugs, charging cables, remote controls, etc. Our solution can quickly and consistently print warning labels, production dates, environmental labels, etc. on the packaging flyleaf.


Labels & Stickers

Consumer electronics products often come with a variety of labels and stickers, such as warning labels, repair labels, serial number labels and more. A paged printing solution can quickly and accurately print the required information for these labels and stickers.

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