Tobacco and Alcohol Industries

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Applications for iFeeder solutions in the alcohol and tobacco industry include bottle label marking, wood packaging, paper packaging, boxes, metal packaging, cigarette cases, etc. It works with any material and any size. Contact us to improve productivity and quality for your business.

What are the Usual Applications

With the continuous progress of technology and changes in market demand, the application of paging printing solutions in the tobacco and alcohol industry will continue to innovate and improve.

cigarette packet

1. Paper Packaging & Labels

Most wine bottles, cigarette boxes, and pipes use paper boxes and bags as packaging and come with some labels. Ifeeder’s solution can print product names, specifications, barcodes, QR codes, production dates, and more on these packaging and labels.

plastic packaging

2. Plastic Packaging

Some tobacco and alcohol products use plastic packaging, such as plastic film, plastic bottles and so on. The paging printing technology can print the brand logo, production date, shelf life and other information on these plastic packages.

metal label

3. Metal Packaging & Labels

Some high-end alcohol and tobacco products may have metal packaging and metal labels and decorative parts, and paging solutions are also suitable for paging printing on these metallic materials.


4. Other Packaging

Some alcohol products are also packaged in wooden boxes and crates, and even fabric packaging, which can be paged and sprayed with graphics, brand logos and more.

More Benefit for Tobacco and Alcohol Industries


High Production Efficiency

Pagination printing solutions use automated technology to quickly and accurately print the required information on a wide range of materials and packaging. Compared to traditional manual printing, this greatly improves productivity and shortens the time cycle from production to market.


Saving Money and Optimising Production Lines

The traditional way would use a lot of manual operations to form different positions, which requires a lot of labour expenses; with iFeeder’s intelligent multi-functional multi-station system, it saves you labour costs and optimises the production line.


 Highly Flexible

Our solutions can be flexibly adapted to the needs of different materials and packages, whether flat or shaped. Customers can make adjustments according to market needs, including the size of the entrance, speed,motifs, etc.


High Quality

Equipped with high-precision printing equipment and self-developed control system, our solution can ensure the clarity and consistency of the printed information, and use visual inspection technology to weed out the inaccurate ones. Avoid blurring, misalignment and other problems that may occur with manual printing.


Environmental Protection and Energy Conservation

iFeeder’s paging printing solutions typically use environmentally friendly printing inks, while automated pagination printing reduces the waste and errors of manual operations and lowers energy consumption.

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