Advertising & Printing Industry

Advertising&Printing Industry

The application of paging machine in the advertising and printing industry is wide and deep. iFeeder specially develops and produces rewinder according to the characteristics of the coding process, which can be installed with laser coding, CIJ/TIJ, UV inkjet printers, as well as plasma treatment and LED curing, etc., and are widely used in the industries of packaging, advertisement, magazines, etc., which bring significant advantages to the industry. iFeeder’s paging machine solutions support the growth of the advertising and printing industry.

How iFeeder's Paging Machine Solution are Used in the Advertising & Printing Industry

Paging printing solutions in the food industry are available in a wide variety of application materials and packaging types, which can be flexibly selected and applied according to different needs and scenarios.

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Production of Advertising Materials

Whether it’s a large outdoor billboard or a small brochure, iFeeder’s equipment can quickly and accurately paginate materials during the production of an advertisement, saving time for subsequent printing, cutting and binding operations, and providing effective support for the preparation of advertising materials.

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Typesetting of Printed Materials

iFeeder has established partnerships with printing companies in several countries in Southeast Asia. For the layout of printed materials such as newspapers, magazines and books, the paging machine ensures that each page is accurately and precisely separated, providing accurate page layouts for the subsequent printing work.

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Automated Production Processes

iFeeder’s equipment adopts advanced sensors and control systems, intelligent, modular, streamlined appearance and other design concepts; used in conjunction with printing presses, inkjet printers, cutting machines and other equipment to form an automated production process.

Why Advertising &Printing Industry
Choose iFeeder's Paging Machine Solutions


Paging machine can automatically identify and locate the paper, to ensure the accuracy and consistency of the allocation of pages, to adapt to different sizes, materials and thickness of advertising materials, to meet different advertising printing needs.


Paging machine ensures that each page is completely and accurately separated, avoiding printing errors or quality problems caused by improper pagination. This helps to improve the overall quality and look and feel of printed advertisements.


Paging machines are able to perform pagination tasks quickly, reducing manual labor time and lowering the error rate in the production process. At the same time, the automated process reduces the waiting and switching time during the production process, which further improves the production efficiency.


iFeeder’s paging machine has intelligent operation interface and powerful data processing capabilities, which makes advertising and printing enterprises can be more flexible to respond to market changes and customer demand.

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