Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder

Effectively solve the problem of “high static electricity, super soft, ultra-thin” and other products difficult to separate the pages.

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Technologically Revolutionary Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Manufacturer

iFeeder is a leading provider of coordinated paging machine solutions. Our innovative upper suction cup paging machine solution with “high static, ultra-soft, and ultra-thin” paging materials enables multi-station formation. We can integrate a vacuum suction cup paging system with other equipment, such as coding and labeling machines to streamline your process. We value our customers’ needs and communication, and we are confident that our vacuum suction cup paging system is your ideal solution.

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Belt Width 500mm Intelligent Up Suction Pagination TTO Machine

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Has a belt running speed of 60m/min. The length of the conveyor belt can be chosen from 1200mm, and it adopts suction cup feeding, which is protective of the materials. The machine supports customization.

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Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Printing Machine?

Product Features

Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Up-suction Reclaiming

1. Up-suction Reclaiming

The iFeeder’s “up suction” design means that the separation mechanism is used to separate pages by suction from top to bottom, which is capable of handling “highly static, ultra soft and thin, etc.” materials.

2. Anti Static Function

The accumulation of electrostatic charges may lead to a variety of problems, including material adsorption, paper jams, and degradation of printing quality.

The anti-static function of iFeeder’s top suction separators is mainly designed to eliminate or reduce the accumulation of static charges that may be generated during the separating and printing process, thus ensuring the stable operation of the equipment.

Anti Static Function

Application Area

This product is particularly suited to a wide range of wide-surface paper, labels, plastic bags, woven bags and other automatic feeding applications. It is widely used in printing, food packaging and other fields.

Some Solution Application Videos

After years of feedback from the market, iFeeder is constantly optimizing its products to guarantee a good experience for our customers.

Optional Expanded Configuration

The scalable products can be expanded according to business development and changing needs.

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