Optional Customization

iFeeder is committed to providing you with high quality optional customised solutions to meet the requirements of your business.

On-demand Custom Development

At iFeeder, we design intelligent feeding spray printing solutions based on the specific needs of your production line. Whether you need a High-speed intelligent feeding UV spray printing solution or an Intelligent rewinding Spray printing or a paging machine solution, we can provide a quality solution that meets your needs.

Friction Feeder Printing Solutions
Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Printing Solutions
Rewinder Printing Solutions
Paging Machine Solutions

Applicable to Various

Our solutions are non-standard and customised according to each customer’s requirements. So they are suitable for most industries, including 2D codes, barcodes, production dates, numbers, graphics and more. No matter what material or size.

Support for Linking Third-party Devices

iFeeder has an experienced and skilled team, according to your needs, we will tailor a complete solution for you, we can do a solution to link multiple devices, multi-functional and stable co-ordination, which is unmatched in the industry. Including:

Understanding What You Need

During the initial stage of our customised solutions, our engineers will consult and communicate closely with you in order to better advise you:


1.  Problems in the industry

2. Your material

3. Your size

4. Your product  


Why Custom Feeding Spray Printing Solution From iFeeder


Better Stability Than the Industry

We design accessories with higher precision, use manual fine assembly, and develop our own programmes to coordinate every machine operation for better stability. The stability of most industries is 70-80%, iFeeder reaches 98%.


More User-friendly Design

Our solution has an auto-correction feature that automatically corrects the position without manual intervention if there is a skew problem during operation. It also has an automatic removal function if overlaps and not printed, thus eliminating the need for manual sorting and creating white bags and waste.


Free Test Sample

Our solutions are suitable for all materials, sizes and shapes. We offer free test to you, you can come to the factory or contact us to send samples, we do our best to serve you.


Technical Support

Our technical team is the most solid support of the company. They have a wealth of practical experience. With our customers, we will provide long-term technical support, if you want to optimize the equipment in the operation process or in the future, we will provide the system remote update and upgrade, so you do not need to worry about after-sales problems.

Successful Cases

Through our efforts, we continuously solve existing and future new problems for our customers

Paper Vacuum Suction Cup Feeding & Feeding Laminating & Labelling Systems
The requirements for independent products are becoming more and more stringent, the market even requires that each product must be equipped with a certificate of conformity or instruction manual, and the label industry for manual manually puts a sheet on the position of the material precision is also gradually strict.
Polariser UV Printing Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Application
For the increasing demand for electronic products, and the production of product accessories requirements are becoming more and more stringent, such as mobile phone screen film, the production of polarising film, the most taboo products are “scratched, contaminated” and so on.
ifeeder paper rewinder machine
Dual-channel Feeding and Printing Inspection System
2020 virus outbreak during the shortage of drugs, despite the pharmaceutical factories all-day production was still in short supply, and packaged batches of manual printing efficiency were far from being able to achieve the output. we visited each factory to understand that although the manual operation time is constantly supplemented, but the physical limitations of manual, and there are constantly infected areas, resulting in the closure of quarantine and can not be produced. we have actively joined the paged packaging and printing industry and successfully R & D and manufacturing: dual-channel high-speed feeding inkjet printing inspection system.

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