Automatic Friction Feeder

Complete the feeding process with unexpected efficiency, speeding up the production efficiency of your company.

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Professional Customized Friction Feeder Manufacturer

As a leading friction feeder manufacturer, we provide DIY friction feeder system solutions. Our products integrate into manual or fully automated production lines that can separate and feed materials such as booklets, cards, cartons, labels, etc. to the next process, they are widely used in a variety of scenarios, including printing, packaging, logistics, manufacturing and many other areas.
We have self-developed technical and more than 14 years of market experience, to ensure that customers can efficiently, stably and accurately complete the feeding process, and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.

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Business Automatic Direct Paper Card Booklet Feeder Machine Manufacturers

Model: IF-FM201DF- 300

This product uses a direct feed method for ease of installation, high-speed response, and very high feed accuracy, making it suitable for a wide range of packaging lines.

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Intelligent DIY Label Paper Card Friction Feeder Machine for Sale

Model: IF-FM201CF- 300

This product is suitable for use in various packaging production lines, where it can be used to replace manual placement to achieve an unmanned workshop. It is ideal for placing certificates of conformity, labels, manuals, paper and other products.


What is a friction feeder?

Benifits from iFeeder Friction Feeder

Focus on customer needs and follow market trends


Belt Friction Lower Discharge

The material processed by the friction feeding technology is discharged through the lower outlet for easy transfer to subsequent processes such as coding, inspection and labeling.


Conveying and Feeding

If there are no more products in the paging process, the machine stops applying them and alerts the staff.


Direct Feeding

Direct feeding of the material on the process reduces friction damage to the material.


Compact and Lightweight

The friction feeder can be easily integrated into a variety of production lines to meet space constraints.


High Product Adaptability

Suitable for a variety of materials, sizes and thicknesses of paper or materials, with strong versatility and adaptability.


Ease of Installation

No need for complicated installation steps and long waits, companies can complete the installation themselves.

friction feeder long improved ac servo motors

1. Long-improved AC Servo Motors

We are committed to continuously improving our AC servo motors in response to market feedback. We collaborate with the industry’s leading motor companies to develop customized motors that can withstand challenging environments and operate reliably for extended periods without interruption.

2. Fully Open Communication Ports

This is an important design of the iFeeder, which allows the friction feeder to integrate and efficiently co-ordinate its operation with a wide range of external devices and systems, enabling it to be better integrated into a variety of industries and applications.

friction feeder fully open communication ports
friction feeder automatic counter

3. iFeeder's Automatic Counting Function

The deployment of high-precision sensors and sophisticated algorithms enables the real-time monitoring and accurate recording of the quantity of material being fed, thereby providing immediate feedback.It facilitates enhanced productivity and accuracy.

Application Area

Friction feeders for all kinds of packaging linesFlaky objects: IC card, IP card, etc.

Various single color pages, folding paper, cards, instructions, labels, brochures, etc.

Some Solution Application Videos

By continually optimising our products and services, we are committed to providing our customers with a superior experience and helping them to achieve higher productivity and better product quality.

Paper Paging Solution

Card Paging Solution

High Speed Paging Machine Solutions

Our Successful Projects

Optional Expanded Configuration

The product adopts a modular design, customers can choose different combinations of modules according to the needs of flexible configuration, to achieve functional expansion or customization needs.

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FAQ About Friction Feeder Machine

Table of Contents

What are friction feeders used for?

It has a wide range of uses in industrial automation and production lines. Its main function is to convey flat materials, such as paper, cards, labels, envelopes, etc. continuously and accurately to the specified position or equipment by means of the friction principle, in order to satisfy a variety of production, processing, packaging or testing needs.

Who uses friction feeders?

The friction feeder is used in a wide variety of industries, such as the printing and packaging industry, sorting in postal and logistics, placing of manuals in electronics, the food and pharmaceutical industries, and many more. Contact us to discuss your project.

What are the different types of friction feeders?

Friction feeders come in many different types and can be categorized as direct feeders and conveying feeders depending on the feeding method. According to the difference in feeding material, there are card feeders, paper feeders, leaflet feeders, label feeding machines and so on, we can communicate with you to customize your needs.

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