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Valuing Customer Service

Sales service is a comprehensive process, iFeeder attaches great importance to customer service, from the pre-sales service is mainly concerned about the initial contact with the customer, needs to understand and product customization recommendations, and after-sales service we pay more attention to the delivery of the product after the technical support, product maintenance, problem-solving.

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What are iFeeder's Pre-sale Services

Requirements Communication & Recommendation

Through the initial contact between the two parties, iFeeder understands the customer’s problems and expectations, we will provide a professional product introduction and recommendation, answer the customer’s questions, and help the customer to make a real purchase decision.

iFeeder offers personalized product customization solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We also provide detailed product quotations and cost explanations to ensure that customers have a clear understanding of the price components.

In-depth communication on the details of cooperation, delivery time, payment methods, and support for free testing samples of materials paging printing effect, at any time you are welcome to visit the factory.

You Also Need More Guaranteed After-sale Services

 Installation & Commissioning

iFeeder provides professional installation guidance to reduce the trouble of customers’ own installation, and after the completion of the installation, carry out the necessary debugging to ensure that the product performance reaches the best.

iFeeder will provide professional operation training for complex systems, provide technical support, answer customer problems encountered in the use process, and provide long-term solutions.

iFeeder also focuses on maintaining customer relationships, keeping in touch with customers regularly to understand the use of the products purchased, and collecting and improving the suggestions made by customers on time.

Communicate Together About The Pagination Printing Problems You're Experiencing, and iFeeder Gives You Advice.

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