Custom Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine

iFeeder’s customized automatic paging sticker labeling machine uses friction paging or vacuum suction cup paging technology and is equipped with an auto-correction feature that enables a fast response of 0.1-0.3 seconds to adjust the correct position, guaranteeing the correct rate of labeled labels. And support the expansion of other functions to complete more production processes, contact iFeeder experts.

  • High labelling accuracy, no air bubbles
  • Pagination speed up to 120m/min
  • Suitable for flat materials of any material and size

What is an Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine?

An Automatic paging sticker labeling machine is mainly composed of a paging machine and a labeling machine, the equipment separates piles of materials individually transfers them to a conveyor belt and carries out the labeling product process. It is more accurate and faster than manual labeling, reducing the error rate.

Product Parameter

Additional information

Control ModeInstallation Method

Floor stand

Body Material

stainless steel

Control Mode

Touch screen+PLC control

Belt Running Speed


Input Power Supply


Equipment Weight

about 150KG

Belt Width


Belt Length Optional


Negative Pressure Adsorption Optional

Medium/high-pressure fan

Applicable to Product Size Range

According to the actual product

Features of the Product

Our products are built with high quality raw materials and equipped with powerful features.


Easy Moving

The automatic paging sticker labeling machine is designed with wheels at the bottom of the machine, which eliminates the need for manual handling when the machine is moved.


Simple Operation

The equipment uses a touch screen and PLC control, the interface operation is simple and easy to understand, after training staff can be on duty.


Labelling Stability

Our automatic paging sticker labelling machines use our own developed paging technology and are equipped with third party branded labellers and visual inspection procedures, which help to improve the accuracy of the labelling process.


Flexible Installation

The labelling machine can be flexibly adjusted to the position on the conveyor belt, which facilitates the conversion of different products and labels in a simpler and less labour-intensive way.



With automatic material collection, automatic correction, automatic rejection and other functions, reducing more human intervention activities.



The body is made of stainless steel and aluminium alloy, which does not rust and meets international standards, and adopts a high-compatibility motor that can operate at high intensity for more than 24 hours without stopping.

Application Area

Automatic paging sticker labeling machine is powerful for all major industries in the labeling and packaging line are suitable, such as the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, electronic products and so on.

Suitable material:

Suitable  labels:

paging labeling machine application

Product Video

Read about the automatic pagination labelling solutions we have provided to other customers. We have served more than 20,000 customers, helping them effectively improve their productivity. 

Benefits of Working with iFeeder


Technically Stable

We are paging system supplier with more than ten years of own R&D technology. We have been well received by our global customers in the industry.


After-sales Guidance

We take responsibility for each customer, providing installation and operational guidance, as well as long-term technical support.


Building automated production lines

Our products can be integrated with a variety of equipment and are highly compatible, helping you to complete the construction of automated production lines and provide economic benefits.

FAQ About Automatic Paging Sticker Labelling Machine?

Table of Contents
How Does an Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machine Work?

iFeeder’s automatic pagination labelling machines automatically apply labels to products in industrial environments. Stacks of material are individually separated and transferred to the production line via a pager, where sensors detect the presence of the product and trigger the labels to be applied to the product surface and smoothed out with rollers. 

A visual inspection programme checks the accuracy and quality of the product, and non-conforming products are automatically rejected. The labelled product proceeds to the next step in the process, while the operator performs periodic material additions to ensure that material is available for continuous operation.

Can Automatic Paging Sticker Labeling Machines be Integrated with Other Equipment?

Yes, automatic paging sticker labeling machines can be integrated with other equipment to create a more efficient and automated production line, including conveyors, printers, vision systems, packaging machines, sealing machine, etc.

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