Paper Vacuum Suction Cup Feeding & Feeding Laminating & Labelling Systems

Paper Vacuum Suction Cup Feeding & Feeding Laminating & Labelling Systems

(Paper products, manuals, certificates of conformity, booklets, folded paper, cardboard, cards, game cards, etc.)

The requirements for independent products are becoming more and more stringent, the market even requires that each product must be equipped with a certificate of conformity or instruction manual, and the label industry for manual manually puts a sheet on the position of the material precision is also gradually strict.
In the process of visiting the production plant, we learned that almost every assembly line will have 3-5 workers to put a product on each product, or check the front of the manual whether there is a leakage, to wait for the replacement promptly;
Therefore, in the production of laminating film, we have made a situation that can replace the manual correction of the position and one sheet of manually put the material.

And what are its components?
1.Suction cup type feeding machine: mainly for the front-end conveying platform, with 300mm high automatic lifting storage bin, completely replace the manual manual put the product and correct the position; the product is sucked through the suction cups one by one transfer to the conveyor belt; The automatic feeder on the conveyor belt will evenly feed each product with a new product, and the end product will enter the label laminator step by step.

2.High speed automatic feeding machine: high precision automatic feeding, continuous feeding, counting feeding, step feeding and other multi-functions;

3.Laminating machine: mainly for the labels have been processed laminating.

What is the impact of this system on card manufacturing plants?
The precision of the automatic feeding machine is much higher than that of the manual feeding machine, and it can correct the position in real time; the output and efficiency are greatly improved.


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