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Paper Vacuum Suction Cup Feeding & Feeding Laminating & Labelling Systems
The requirements for independent products are becoming more and more stringent, the market even requires that each product must be equipped with a certificate of conformity or instruction manual, and the label industry for manual manually puts a sheet on the position of the material precision is also gradually strict.
Carton Laser Printing Vision Inspection Feeder
In the market in addition to a variety of bags, packaging film, and cardboard boxes are often used by manufacturers of packaging materials; for example, we often eat pizza, and pizza boxes after digital printing in the market use. This product, which can be used for bag printing, can also be used for printing the box.
Medicine Product Cases-Feeder Inkjet Printing Inspection Counting Collection System
With the growth of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the choice of storage materials for pharmaceuticals has become more diversified; in the face of pneumonia infection in 21 years, the medical and pharmaceutical industry almost all day system for the output of the rescue operation and the provision of drugs for everyone; manpower is not only costly but also received health impacts resulting in unstable working hours, we received the request of the pharmaceutical industry, to help the industry to improve and stabilize the efficiency of the case of We were asked by the pharmaceutical industry to help the industry increase and stabilize efficiency while minimizing labour and sharing the workforce.
Card Feeding Inkjet Printing Inspection Labelling Cases
In recent years, China’s Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs have become more and more well-known, and gradually entered the public’s field of vision, their taste is delicious, the portion is sufficient, has also become the choice of everyone’s holiday gift; but to improve the sales of hairy crabs, the major factories to launch to the generation of gold cards, shopping cards, consumer cards, supermarket cards, gift cards, and so on.
Film Bag Automatic Labelling Suction Cup Feeder
For bread bags, frozen food, chicken bags and other packaging materials, many of which are mainly film bags, due to the material has a “super-soft, ultra-thin, static electricity,” the characteristics of the friction feeder has never been able to replace the manual delivery of inkjet printing or labelling work. We collect the factory to improve the efficiency of film bag labelling opinions at the same time, successful research and development of manufacturing integrated this: automatic labelling suction cup feeding system.
ifeeder paper rewinder machine
Dual-channel Feeding and Printing Inspection System
2020 virus outbreak during the shortage of drugs, despite the pharmaceutical factories all-day production was still in short supply, and packaged batches of manual printing efficiency were far from being able to achieve the output. we visited each factory to understand that although the manual operation time is constantly supplemented, but the physical limitations of manual, and there are constantly infected areas, resulting in the closure of quarantine and can not be produced. we have actively joined the paged packaging and printing industry and successfully R & D and manufacturing: dual-channel high-speed feeding inkjet printing inspection system.
Polariser UV Printing Vacuum Suction Cup Feeder Application
For the increasing demand for electronic products, and the production of product accessories requirements are becoming more and more stringent, such as mobile phone screen film, the production of polarising film, the most taboo products are “scratched, contaminated” and so on.
rewinder machine showcase
PVC Feeding Inkjet Printing 2D Code Detection Automatic Labelling System
In recent years, the number of cards being printed for gift and merchandise exchanges has increased dramatically. In this regard, we visited nearly 1,000 card manufacturers around the world and found that nearly 90% of factories are manually discharging cards through manual printing or labeling.

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