Medicine Product Cases-Feeder Inkjet Printing Inspection Counting Collection System

Medicine Product Cases-Feeder Inkjet Printing Inspection Counting Collection System

With the growth of the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the choice of storage materials for pharmaceuticals has become more diversified; in the face of pneumonia infection in 21 years, the medical and pharmaceutical industry almost all day system for the output of the rescue operation and the provision of drugs for everyone; manpower is not only costly but also received health impacts resulting in unstable working hours, we received the request of the pharmaceutical industry, to help the industry to improve and stabilize the efficiency of the case of We were asked by the pharmaceutical industry to help the industry increase and stabilize efficiency while minimizing labour and sharing the workforce.

In the proposed demand, we boldly gave such a program: if a device saves 5 manpower, then we will do a machine to save 10 manpower. When the technical difficulties were constantly raised, we still insisted on making technical breakthroughs, and finally, we did it.

Equipment working mode: friction feeder using dual-channel high-efficiency conveyor, two storage bins at the same time online material supply, the whole stack of products at the same time a piece of high-speed transmission out of the product to reach the 3 nozzles of the inkjet printer to print the work of inkjet printers we are also using a double copy of the print, beyond the efficiency of a machine; print the finished product through the vision of the high-speed camera automatically take pictures to detect the print content of the error or not, Whether fuzzy, whether fuzzy, whether there is a complete print; camera photo detection we also use double high-speed photo, the efficiency of detection per second is ten times the manual sorting; if the scanning and detection of unqualified products will be automatically kicked out of the game; collection area is a direct elimination of manual inefficient point counting, fully automated point counting provided to the workers to continuously pack, if the number of unqualified because of the substandard number of products will be automatically replenished to the number of pairs. Collection area we also use the dual system of automatic counting.

This not only helped many pharmaceutical manufacturers to survive the production of the most difficult period of pneumonia infection, but until today this machine is still driving the production of the entire production line.

Throughout the use of the process, just one manpower continuously puts in the product, and the qualified collection area will be able to drive other workers to do the packing work directly continuously.


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