Carton Laser Printing Vision Inspection Feeder

Carton Laser Printing Vision Inspection Feeder

(Paper boxes, pill boxes, pizza boxes, mask boxes, cigarette boxes and other packaging boxes)

In the market in addition to a variety of bags, packaging film, and cardboard boxes are often used by manufacturers of packaging materials; for example, we often eat pizza, and pizza boxes after digital printing in the market use. This product, which can be used for bag printing, can also be used for printing the box.

And what are its components?
1. High-speed friction feeder: as the main operating platform, with a 260mm high storage bin, workers only need to continuously to the storage bin stacked material, the product through the friction of the way one by one transferred to the conveyor belt, in the conveyor belt for a series of laser printing and photo inspection, if the product appears to print unqualified or not printed, then the product will go directly to the automatic out of the body as a product that has been eliminated. If the product passes the print test, it will go smoothly into the fish scale-type storage mechanism of the qualified product.

2. Laser printers: In contrast to inkjet printers, laser printing requires no consumables like ink at all, and it prints quickly and consistently.

3.Visual inspection system: mainly composed of camera + monitor + keyboard + mouse + real-time photo inspection system

What is the impact of this system on the production plant?
The speed of the automatic feeding machine is much higher than the speed of manual manual one by one release, and the output and efficiency is greatly improved.
Visual inspection system instead of manual one by one to check whether the print content is wrong, missed print, or no print.


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