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iFeeder is a professional paging system supplier. Powered by self-developed AI system technology, iFeeder paging machine can work with printers, encoders, labeling machines and other equipment on the production line according to customers’ needs, assisting in generating QR codes, production dates, production batches, barcodes and other information in a more stable, accurate and efficient way. Our paging machines are suitable for any material and size of packaging, cards, labels, paper and other materials. Enhance your productivity with iFeeder’s paging system.

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iFeeder Automatic Pagination Machine with Printer


The whole machine is made of stainless steel combined with streamline design style, supporting a removable floor stand for easy packaging. And has a wealth of optional features to meet a variety of applications. Suitable for paper, labels, cartons, ordinary plastic bags and other packaging products to complete UV printing.


What is a Paging Machine?

Benefits from iFeeder Paging Machine System

iFeeder gives you reliable quality


Drop-type Stack Collection of Collecting Hopper

We have added a material collection device at the end of the paging equipment conveyor, eliminating the need for manual collection.


Alarm Prompt After No Product

If there are no more products in the paging process, the machine stops applying them and alerts the staff.


Alarm Prompt After the Product is Stuck

An alarm alerts the operator if the paging material becomes jammed.


Accurately Calculate the Number of Products Online

Our paging machine can be fitted with an optional calculate that shows in real time how many pages have been paged.


External Control Signal Feeding

The paging machine receives control signals from the outside and performs the corresponding operations according to the control signals by cooperating with the external equipment.


High-speed Conveyor Belt

The iFeeder’s feeding speed is fully adjustable, with a range of 0-120 metres per minute. And customizable to meet your needs.

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1. iFeeder ‘s Automatic Deviation Correction

The automatic correction function of the pagination machine is its ability to automatically detect and correct errors in material position or arrangement during material or paper processing, thus improving the pagination effect. And improved accuracy for subsequent added processes (printing, labelling, etc.).

2. Self-developed Materials Overlap Detection Function

iFeeder’s pagination machines are equipped with material overlap detection to ensure that no pairs of sheets are transported out at the same time during the pagination process. It is essential for the precise handling of single sheets of material, such as coding, labelling, calculation, and so on.

self developed materials overlap detection function(3)
paging machine important visual inspection equipment

3. Important Visual Inspection Equipment

The vision detection function of the iFeeder ‘s paging machine is a use of advanced image processing technology, non-contact automatic detection, and identification of materials, which can identify the location of the material, direction, etc., in addition to more complex identification of materials, including shape, color and other accurate identification.

Application Area

Pagination machines are suitable for any material and size usually bags: plastic bags, cartons, paper bags, labels, sheets of paper, etc.
Flaky objects: IC card, IP card, etc.

Some Solution Application Videos

After years of feedback from the market, iFeeder is constantly optimizing its products to guarantee a good experience for our customers.

Paper Paging Solutions

Sheet Paging Solutions

Carton Package Paging Machine Solutions

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Optional Expanded Configuration

With iFeeder’s own technical team, our products have core competencies and can be combined with third-party equipment to form automated or semi-automated production lines to provide production efficiency.

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FAQ About Paging Machine

Table of Contents

What type of pagination inkjet printing machine?

We configure various paging printers such as paging CIJ printers, paging UV printers, paging TlJ printers, paging digital printers, or paging laser printers. We can also customize non-standard paging machines according to customer requirements.

What is the main purpose of paging?

It is mainly used to separate stacked materials, such as paper, cards, plastic bags, etc., automatically and individually, and transfer them to the next process or equipment in an orderly manner. The use of a paging machine can greatly improve the production efficiency, reduce the tediousness and error of manual paging, and reduce production costs.

What are the advantages of our paging machine?

1. Low failure rate: our pagination printing machine has a crooked, jamming failure rate of only 2%, while most of the peers reach 20-30%.

2. Self-developed system: Our control system is written by our own team, we can upgrade and maintain the system remotely according to the customer’s needs, and the coordination between the equipment is high, which is far ahead in the industry.

3. Powerful functionality: our paging printer is embedded with artificial intelligence technology, with a variety of practical functions, more efficient, stable, and accurate, improves the production efficiency of enterprises, and reduces the cost of labor.

4. Wide range of industries: Our paging printing solutions are used in agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the daily necessities industry, and so on.

5. Automatic reject function: Through the visual inspection equipment, unqualified products can be automatically rejected in the tail device, instead of manual screening, saving a lot of labor costs.

Do our products have international certificates?

Yes, we are CE certified and other certifications are in progress.

Is it easy to maintain a pagination machine?

Yes, we will provide installation instruction and operation training, and long-term technical support. In addition, third-party equipment wearing parts are easy to purchase locally, and we also support the shipment of wearing parts from the factory.

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